For Centuries Heroes, Cellebrities, Dictators, Sport Stars, Kings, Billionaires have shared one thing in common. They have all been Ring Bearers of history´s most Powerful RINGS. Now its your time to share their fate.

Introducing The Rings

Completely unique hand drawn NFT ring pieces, spread across the galaxy and infused with cosmic powers. 369 finely crafted rings (Including 20 Legendary Rings) to be minted into existence. Find and Collect the right ones to inherit the titles of Ring Lord, Ring King or even Ring God and all of its benefits.


  • Introducing the Jeweller. For several Millennia, the Arcane Entity known as the JEWELLER has been trusted to safe-keep and distribute history’s most Powerful rings. Every 100 years he awakens with the sole purpose to find Earths most worthy. Those who bare a ring shall have access to exclusive abilities and perks beyond the stretch of their imagination, some at a heavy cost for the wearer.
  • Ring Collection. All Rings come with 4-5 colour combinations (Except Legendary Rings). IF throughout time you were to gather any 4 Rings (Not necessarily simultaneously) you shall earn the NFT titles of Ring Lord. Achieve 1 Ring FULL collections (All the 4-5 Rings in the same collection) to become a Ring King and 2 full collections for Ring God. Titles come with Perks, are ranked and limited. Up to 10 ranks per ring collection with Rank 1 being Worlds-First-Collector (Of a specific ring collection) all the way down to Rank 10.
  • Fair Price And Auctions. The starting average launch price for most rings will be 0.1ETH (With certain rings going for higher). In order to keep it fair for everyone we will try our best not to sell more than 1 ring (from a specific collection) to the same buyer, and we guarantee to never sell more than 2 rings from the very same collection to the same buyer.
  • All Ring Bearers will have Commercial Usage rights, Access to monthly Giveaways, Merch (Including real-life rings replicas), those with titles (Lord,King and God) shall have further perks, including exclusive Legendary ring auctions, 10% of secondary sales profits and custom rings. Titles can be transferred and Sold by their owners. Only accounts with the NFT titles will have access to benefits.
  • Leaderboards And Tracking. You shall be able to track all the those with titles, check who is close to becoming a Lord. Find who to trade or bargain with in your quest to becoming a ring God.



We release the first 11
Ring Collections.


We are launching the Leaderboard and start sending away NFT titles. Title holders will participate in exclusive legendary Ring Giveways.


We are launching a merchandise store for all Ring-Bearers. Including real physical jewellery ring replicas (only to be sold to those with titles).


We are launching
Liquidity Pools.


The Pendant Collection Starts
With Giveaways For Ring Bearers, and Drops For Title Holders!

Will Create
a Membership with votings rights.

Ring Bearers can
Burn their rings
And trade for
A custom Ring design.


3 brave souls have been chosen by the Jeweller itself to help and assist with the distribution of History´s most powerful rings. An honour reserved only to the most loyal servants, and only surpassed by Ring Lords, Ring Kings and Ring Gods. Our 3 members plucked up the courage and NFT skills to assemble The Ring-Team.

Captain Drew
Flight Engineer Lesh


Everyone has a place at Rings Of Crypto. Your Status shall bestow great riches upon you, the higher the richer. Ring Bearers (Those who currently own a ring) shall access Monthly Giveaways, Merch and Drops. Only those in the most elite circle with NFT titles of Lord, King and God shall enter Legendary Ring Giveaways, Physical Jewellery, Sales Profits and more.



What is Mars Cats Voyage?
Completely unique hand drawn NFT ring pieces, spread across the galaxy and infused with cosmic powers. 369 finely crafted rings.
Are these cats rare?
Absolutely yes! Each colonizer cat is a unique one, a cat specially selected to participate in the expedition and generated algorithmically from more than 200 unique traits, such as hairstyles, accessories, clothing, and much more. All cats are fantastic and ready to fly, but some of the more unique ones are rare;
How much does a Mars Cat cost?
0.05 ETH + gas (no bonding curve or FOMO pricing).
When Does the Sale starts?
The time and date will be revealed soon, ensure to watch our social media updates so you don't miss it.
How can I get a Mars Cat?
MCV tokens will be available for purchase on our website through an initial sale. At the time of purchase, a randomly selected Mars Cat will be minted ‘unrevealed’ on the blockchain and delivered to your wallet and Opensea account. On the reveal day, we will be setting the real metadata live and users will be able to 'refresh metadata' on #opensea to see their revealed Mars Cats!
How do I actually purchase a Mars Cat?
Download the Metamask extension for Google Chrome. Buy Ethereum (ETH) on an exchange like Coinbase, Binance, PayPal, etc, and send it to your Metamask ETH Wallet Public Address. Connect your Metamask Wallet to our website by clicking on the Chrome extension icon at the top-right of the browser (it looks like a Fox) while on our website. Click “Buy Now” on our website and approve the transaction on Metamask.
What is the Space Suit Tokens (SST)?
The First 3000 Mars Cats Voyagers (tokens owners) are able to claim the Space Suit Tokens (SST) for free. SST claiming — it’s an additional interactive feature, that will be realized on our website to provide an ability to upgrade your cat and to choose and get a spacesuit for him as an additional token from a separate related collection.
Do you plan to have other characters in the future?
Yes, the space journey is unpredictable, who knows, who we will meet during it.